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Abu Garcia

Giant Colorado Walleye

Tightline Outdoors guide Will Dykstra with a giant Colorado Walleye | Read More


AIM selects National Tournament Director | Read more

Korey Sprengel and Derek Navis pounded the fish today, bringing in 32-10 for the win. Denning and Maloy took second 3 pounds 10 back. More

MWC Championship Images: Day OneDay Two | Day Three | Awards Banquet

Mercury pro Korey Sprengel jigged up a big bag today fishing the rubble on an old rail trestle. He weighed in 18.42 take the win. Jacob Ell was 6 ounces behind weighing a similar bag for second. Courts slipped to third.| More

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C+R Walleye Contest

Enter a walleye in the 2012 WalleyeFIRST C+R contest and win a free replica from Lax Reproductions.

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World Walleye Rankings™ Top Ten Anglers

#1 Walleye Ranking

Gary Parsons
  1. Gary Parsons            886   
  2. Chris Gilman            860   
  3. Mike Gofron            843   
  4. Mark Brumbaugh            839   
  5. Keith Kavajecz            836   
  6. Dan Stier            815   
  7. Chad Schilling            811   
  8. Chase Parsons            810   
  9. Perry Good            801   
  10. Rick Franklin            791   
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Echotail Blade Bait Rigging For Ice Fishing
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Big Walleye Pictures | More IMAGES

by: muskyhunter47
on: 6/14/2014

by: muskyhunter47
on: 6/14/2014

Caldron Falls
by: Fin_prof
on: 10/18/2014

Lake X
by: Kirby Budrow
on: 7/11/2014