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Ice Fishing is Underway in The North

Ice anglers across North America are finally able to get out on the ice for some jigging and tip-up action. Ice conditions will very from lake to lake, so please be safe while venturing out on the ice!


C+R Walleye Contest

Enter a walleye in the 2012 WalleyeFIRST C+R contest and win a free replica from Lax Reproductions.

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at: 1/18/2017 1:08:58 PM

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TI Rods at the 2017 Chicago Muskie Expo
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by: livebaitguy
on: 8/6/2016

Lake X
by: Kirby Budrow
on: 6/26/2015

Lake X
by: Kirby Budrow
on: 7/3/2015

Lake Erie
by: true2plue
on: 11/25/2015