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Abu Garcia

Kavajecz Wins at Escanaba

Nitro Pro Keith Kavajecz won The Escanaba National Walleye Tour with 53.50 pounds. Gary Parsons took second with 48.02. Read More

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Day Two  images

John Schneider and Nick Schertz took the win at Oconto with 111.97. Team King took second, and Brad Davis and his Pro partner third.

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Enter a walleye in the 2012 WalleyeFIRST C+R contest and win a free replica from Lax Reproductions.

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World Walleye Rankings™ Top Ten Anglers

#1 Walleye Ranking

Gary Parsons
  1. Gary Parsons            886   
  2. Chris Gilman            860   
  3. Mike Gofron            843   
  4. Mark Brumbaugh            839   
  5. Keith Kavajecz            836   
  6. Dan Stier            815   
  7. Chad Schilling            811   
  8. Chase Parsons            810   
  9. Perry Good            801   
  10. Rick Franklin            791   
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Big Walleye Pictures | More IMAGES

Mississippi River
by: Rangerone
on: 5/18/2014

Wabigoon Lake
by: Shafs
on: 7/10/2014

Butler Lake (Wabigoon Chain)
by: Shafs
on: 6/19/2014

Good Lake
by: Eastwoodnorris
on: 5/18/2014