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St. Croix's USA-made Imperial rods make fly fishing more unique than elite, as well affordable

Remove the Myth (and High Cost) from Fly-Fishing

St. Croix Rods
Published April 8, 2013

Park Falls, WI (April 5, 2013) - There are certain fallacies that surround fly fishing. One, a financial gap spans between the angler and proper equipment. There's an intimidation factor, too - all that wicker on the waist and measured line wafting in the clouds. And the headgear? Really, do I have to wear the fedora with the rooster feathers?    

Such notions are so typecast and misleading. Casting furred and feathered offerings is more unique than elite. It's affordable, too, even when casting high-quality rods made in the USA. Add to that, fly fishing is  far less problematic to learn, even master, than most realize.

Need proof?

Take St. Croix's full line of Imperial fly rods, handcrafted in Park Falls, Wisconsin, each model engineered well beyond their retail price. That's right, made-in-the-USA rods priced within reach, sporting a blank that flexes so perfectly in the right portions they'll make even the most novice fly-flinger feel practiced.

"From the day I first tested the St. Croix Imperial, I felt it was the finest fly rod I have cast. And I've cast them all," says 50-year fly-fishing-industry veteran Bob Jacklin, who has for the last four decades run Jacklin's Fly Shop in Yellowstone, Montana. "Any angler would be proud to own and cast one, no matter their level of fly-fishing skill."

So what do you get with all 34 rods in the Imperial line? Double the features for nearly half the price of what other brands consider 'high end.' St. Croix Imperial rods, by the way, kick off with a fly shop price of only $190.

Starting at the heart of the impeccable Imperial rod is its American-made blank-fast and crisp in action and light in weight due to a dynamic blend of high-modulus/high-strain SCIV graphite and premium-quality SCII graphite. And then there's the handle - featuring premium cork and a custom, machined-aluminum reel seat. Skillfully wrapped with nylon thread and finished with two coats of Flex Coat epoxy finish are the aluminum-oxide stripper guides and hard-chrome snake guides. Included in the implausibly low price is a functional rod case with handle and divided liner for travel and storage.

Do yourself a favor and forgo the fallacies of fly fishing; try out St. Croix's Imperial rods. You'll find a perfect cast to the river bank won't break that other bank - you know the one...