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FLW Walleye Fishing magazine discontinued

NPAA Supporting Partner Press Release
Published November 2, 2012

As was announced at the 2012 FLW Walleye Tour Championship, FLW has handed off the walleye tour to a new organization composed of sponsors committed to retaining its position as the country's premier circuit. Competitive walleye anglers have every reason to be excited by the prospects of the new tournament trail, as the list of blue-ribbon sponsors behind the launch promises a prosperous future.

From our perspective, FLW's association with the country's best walleye fishermen and their fans has been mutually beneficial. We made new friends and provided anglers with a tournament trail that enabled them to pursue their dreams. Along the way, we nurtured their careers and revealed their best fishing techniques through the pages of FLW Walleye Fishing magazine.

Going forward, however, FLW will focus on its traditional core business, which is the expanding bass tournament circuits that we support - from FLW College Fishing to the Walmart Bass Fishing League for weekend anglers, from our new High School Fishing program in partnership with The Bass Federation to the prestigious Walmart FLW Tour for dedicated professionals.

In the process of this transition, FLW Walleye Fishing will cease publication following the November/December 2012 issue, but that doesn't mean we want to lose you as a reader. If you're like the typical walleye fishing fan, you probably live in an area where bass fishing is also prized. Based on the success of our various bass tournament circuits, that could be just about anywhere in the U.S.

With that in mind, we wanted to make this offer: If you're currently a subscriber to FLW Walleye Fishing, we invite you to transfer your subscription to FLW Bass Fishing. You'll receive an equal number of FLW Bass Fishing magazines that correspond with your current subscription, but as a bonus we'll add another year's subscription to FLW Bass Fishing at no cost to you. That's right - an additional year's worth of FLW Bass Fishing will be on us and absolutely free to you.

We have an offer for our loyal FLW Bass Fishing readers, too. Renew your subscription before Dec. 1 using promo code 2FOR1 and receive two full years for $15 - the price of a standard one-year subscription, excluding tournament eligibility.

Published eight times per year, FLW Bass Fishing covers our entire range of tournaments, with emphasis on the techniques and lures bass anglers and pros use to reach the top and stay there. Illustrated profusely with photos and colorful how-to illustrations, FLW Bass Fishing is a compendium of the latest information for those who follow competitive angling or who just want to learn the best new ways to make largemouths, smallmouths and spotted bass bite.

It's your call. If you decide to transfer your current FLW Walleye Fishing subscription to FLW Bass Fishing, do nothing. Your new subscription will transfer automatically and you'll get an extra year of FLW Bass Fishing at no cost to you. If, on the other hand, you decide that you want a refund for the remaining portion of your FLW Walleye Fishing subscription, we'll honor that request as well. Just click here and let us know.

FLW Bass Fishing readers, click here and renew your subscription before Dec. 1 using promo code 2FOR1 and receive two full years, 16 issues, for one low price.