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Hook up with Zoneloc's Drop Shot Octopus Hook

Published By OutdoorsFIRST Media
Published January 3, 2017

Winter is often the season many anglers forget about bass fishing, at least in the snow belt of the USA. Northerners are busy dreaming of warm spring days ahead.

But if you are the hearty type up north with open water or the rest of the bass world where the water is open, it's time to tie on your Zoneloc Drop Shot Octopus Hook and get in on the action.

Zoneloc pros Alton Jones, Jay Yelas and Alton Jones Jr. offer a few tips to increase your odds of fishing success.

Drop-shot in the cold.

"The drop-shot technique is a terrific choice during the winter months," said Yelas. "I will often be fishing vertically in fairly deep water. Look for deep structure in 20-foot depths or more.

FLW Tour Pro Jay Yelas holds a Zoneloc Drop Shot Octopus Hook rigged with his favorite small straight worm.
"My basic setup is braided line tied to a swivel to prevent line twist. Then a fluorocarbon leader tied to a Zoneloc Drop Shot Octopus Hook, usually finished off with a one half ounce weight for starters."

Let's get small.

"I like using small soft plastics for drop-shotting during the winter," said Yelas. "Small shad baits or small straight worms are my favorites.

"I usually nose-hook the baits since most of the time I'm fishing areas that don't have issues with snags during the winter.

"The hits usually feel like added pressure. I like to tighten down and just lift up to set the hook."

If you want big fish during the winter, tie a Zoneloc on and get after them. According to Alton Jones Jr., that is.

"Never be afraid to use light line to target big bass," said Jones Jr. "Throwing a Zoneloc drop-shot rig is a great way to target giant bass during the winter months."

Of course the winter months are an ideal time to tie on a Zoneloc Drop Shot Octopus hook, but this hook and method are perfect for year 'round fishing, especially when the water is clear or when there is plenty of fishing pressure says former Bassmaster Classic winner Alton Jones.

Zoneloc pro Alton Jones
"Drop-shotting is unquestionably the way to get a bite on clear-water lakes," said Jones. "On highly pressured lakes, too.

"One thing that's important to remember when using this method to not overwork the bait, subtlety is its strong suit.

"Learn to gently quiver the bait while leaving the weight motionless on the bottom."

Whether you are fishing your Zoneloc Octopus Drop Shot Hook in the dead of winter, in the spring for bedding bass or anytime you need a subtle presentation, Zoneloc has the right hook for you in sizes ranging from 8 to 1/0 to lock your fish on.

Because with the Zoneloc bend, there's no escape.

Check out Zoneloc.com to order your Drop Shot Octopus Hooks and other varieties of our patented premium chemically sharpened hooks. It's in the bend.