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Fish Addictions TV at the NW Angle

Published By OutdoorsFIRST Media
Published January 25, 2017

The NW Angle, the northernmost point of the continental United States and where the 14,552 islands of Lake of the Woods begin.  This area is packed with beauty, wildlife and of course, fish.  Check out a recent trip the guys from Fish Addictions TV took up at the Angle.  They were guided by long time NW Angle guide Dan Schmidt of Flag Island Resort.

You can travel up to the NW Angle by driving through Canada and entering back into MN up at the Angle.  The trip from the U.S. / Canada border is about an hour.

A second option is to use one of the resort transport services from the south shore.  An ice rig will pick you up and bring you the 42 miles up to the Angle staying in MN the entire time.

A third option some take advantage of is snowmobiling up.  There is a staked and groomed trail that starts both at the Wheeler’s Point area, Rocky Point Area and Warroad that snowmobilers take advantage of.

There is still plenty of ice fishing left this year as permanent fish houses are allowed to be left overnight on the ice through March 31st up at Lake of the Woods vs Feb 28 as is the case with the majority of Minnesota.  In addition, the walleye / sauger season remains open through April 14th as we are border water with Canada.   This all means ice fishing through March, and March can be a great month.

In addition to Flag Island Resort, there are about a dozen great resorts up at the NW Angle, both on the mainland called Angle Inlet and amongst the islands in that area.  Ice roads go to the island resorts so much of the ice fishing season, you can drive right to your resort.  In the open water months, the resort will come and pick you up with a resort boat, unless of course, you brought your own.

Check out the beauty of the NW Angle in the winter.  Whether you fish out of one of the resort’s permanent fish houses or you prefer running and gunning, there is an adventure around every corner!

Whether it is during the winter, as is shown here or during the open water months, the NW Angle has a lot to offer.


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