KingFisher Welded Sportfishing Boats Introduces Cutting Edge Technology | Walleye Fishing
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KingFisher Welded Sportfishing Boats Introduces Cutting Edge Technology

Published By OutdoorsFIRST Media
Published March 25, 2017

Vernon, BC - KingFisher Boats is excited to introduce new state-of-the-art technology to its manufacturing toolkit, the MultiCam 7000 Series Router. The router has improved safety features, reduces carbon emissions and increases precision in cutting and forming.
"This technology improves our already high caliber cutting and forming process" stated Mike Clements, Operations Manager. "This upgrade reflects our mandate to create an excellent work environment that utilizes technological advancements while producing a high quality, consistent hulls."
The MultiCam 7000 Series replaces plasma technology and puts employee health and safety at the forefront. The router uses precise cutting tools instead of fusion which reduces emissions and pollutants. Most importantly, automated 'off' switches and large bumpers are safety tools in place to protect employees. The 8 by 30 foot aluminum sheets are suctioned to the router using vacuum technology, to minimize slipping, improve safety and increase precision.
"This new system supports our mandate to provide safe working conditions while increasing our capacity," said Brad Armstrong, President. "We achieved an increase in market share over the past year. This new technology also gives us the opportunity to get our boats to market faster."
The MultiCam 7000 Series works in conjunction with the CNC nesting program to cut each unique piece that goes into a KingFisher Boat. The nesting hardware increases sheet utilization with an average 98 per cent of each sheet being used. More than precise, the router is efficient -  cutting an impressive 528 inches per minute over a 240 sq. ft. surface.
This efficiency has allowed the team at KingFisher to implement a new tab and slot system, which means each boat will be developed faster, more precisely and have near perfect consistency for each model.
KingFisher is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of heavy-gauge aluminum recreational fishing, sport and commercial boats. We build and distribute 35 models in 5 series: Offshore, Coastal, Sport, Multi-Species and River Jet through an extensive global dealer network from California to Alaska to Eastern Europe. To learn more visit