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Vexan Introduces Crystal Reaper Jigging Lures

Don't Fear the Reaper!

Published By OutdoorsFIRST Media
Published April 26, 2017

Don't fear the Reaper.

The Vexan Crystal Reaper that is. Especially if you want to jig up bass and walleye in open water and through the ice.

The new Vexan Crystal Reaper isn't a brand new style of lure. Nah, the basic jigging lure platform has been around for years. To be honest, a lot of the other manufacturers' products work just fine for what they are, but the Vexan Crystal Reaper has taken the jigging lure and made it an outstanding fish-catching tool.
Crystal Reaper 3 Pack

So what is the big deal about the Crystal Reaper? It looks like other jigging lures with hooks in the front and back and a dangling treble hook towards the middle on the bottom. Oh yeah, a fin on the back, too, like other jigging lures. The difference in the Crystal Reaper is subtle, but huge.

The back fin is designed to make the lure glide more erratically, like an actual baitfish. An angler can cast or vertically jig the Crystal Reaper and get some wild movement to attract gamefish.

The other subtle change that's making a world of difference is the belly hook. Vexan has placed a longer shanked treble hook on the Crystal Reaper so it isn't pressed up against the body, allowing for better hooksets. Also, there are glow-in-the-dark colors and a crystal bead attached to the hook allowing for added visual attraction when you want it.

"Our Vexan Crystal Reaper is a very effective lure for jigging both in open water and through the ice," said James Haworth, owner of Vexan. "What we've all loved and hated about other jigging lures is that they just work vertically or in an up and down approach.
The Vexan Crystal Reaper is available in multiple fish catching colors and sizes

"The Crystal Reaper corkscrews right or left randomly, and that's thanks to our redesigned fin. The random movement really triggers the fish to strike."

The Vexan Crystal Reaper is available in 8 colors and 3 sizes and is priced well below the competition from $4.95 to $6.65 each. Check out for more information on the Vexan Crystal Reaper and the other families of fish catching products, available from Tackle Industries and

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