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Pick a pair of new sunglasses

Dave Landahl
Published May 9, 2017

Sunglasses are often overlooked, or if you're like me often lost. However, they are a key for your fishing success.

This spring, BassFIRST had a chance to test run a few options for you to consider picking up. Frankly, every pair is good. Every pair is well made. It truly comes down to your personal preference. Larger size sunglasses were requested to fit my larger dome, so these sunglasses are all ample for the larger-headed angler.
Costa Bloke

Check out these four pairs that are definitely worthy of your hard earned money.


Model: Bloke

Overall, a very comfortable pair of sunglasses. Very clear lens and comfortable for all day use. Good pair for driving as well. Excellent for peering into the water for sight fishing.

This style was slightly different from the rest and received the thumbs up approval from my personal style committee (daughters).

Wiley X

Model: Omega

Very comfortable sunglasses. Light on the bridge of your nose, and no pinching in the temples. Very nice, clear lens, allowing crisp separation when viewing into the water. A good driving and fishing pair of sunglasses.

Native Eyewear
Native Eddyline

Model: Eddyline

I was not very familiar with this company, but I will be from now on. Excellent product. Stylish and very comfortable to wear.

Excellent pair of sunglasses for sight fishing and general use.

Guideline Eyegear

Model: Wake

These were the lowest priced pair of sunglasses I tested. Frankly, they were wonderful. Lightweight, crisp, clear lens, and fit very well.
You can't go wrong with this product.

Overall, the four companies represented provided very good quality products. Normally when you compare products you'll get a clear winner, but in this situation they are all champs.