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Navionics: Can My Plotter Card Be Updated?

Published By OutdoorsFIRST Media
Published October 30, 2017

If you are using a Navionics Marine Gold, HotMaps Premium, Marine & Lakes USA, or Land and Sea Gold:
You can upgrade to Navionics+ online through our Chart Installer or by purchasing a Navionics Updates card*.  You may be prompted to purchase a new Navionics Updates card if your current card was produced before the Freshest Data program began. This card can be purchased through our online store or your local dealer. Pricing of the upgrade varies depending on the coverage area selected for your new download. Simply install the Chart Installer and plug in your card when prompted to find pricing information for your region. The Navionics Updates card pricing will also vary upon the region purchased. 

For Navionics+, Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum:
You can update online at 50% off the list price of the chart for another year of Freshest Data updates. Plug your card into your computer to launch the Chart Installer and follow the prompts to renew your subscription and update your chart. Navionics+ chart owners may find a slight difference in pricing if selecting a different chart region. Platinum products produced before June 2010, are not eligible for Freshest Data updates and will require a new chart purchase through your local dealer.

Platinum+ update (procedure not available for North and South America​)
If you update your Platinum+ online through our Chart Installer you will update only the 2D charts.
To update also 3D charts you need to go to the nearest local dealer, give back your old Platinum+ and ask for a new one that will be given you at half of its original price.

For Plotter Bundle cards (cards pre-packaged with select GPS plotters/sounders):
You can upgrade to Navionics+ online through our Chart Installer or by purchasing a Navionics Updates card through our online store or your local dealer.

For Navionics' competitor cards:
Don't have a Navionics card but have a card from one of our competitors? The Chart Installer now allows certain competitor cards to activate Navionics Updates cards purchased through our online store or your local dealer.  Below is a list of accepted competitor cards.
Garmin Bluechart
Garmin Bluechart G2
Garmin Vision
Garmin LakeVu and LakeVu Ultra Cards on SD/MSD
TrakMaps marine & Lakes cards for Garmin and Lowrance
Lowrance Insight cards
Lowrance Insight HD cards
Lowrance NauticPath on MMC
Lakemaster cards for Lowrance
Fishing Hot Spots cards
CMAP MAX-N & MAX-N+, MAX-N Bathy,  on SD/MSD 
CMAP MAX-N BDS and Essential on SD/MSD
Magellan BlueNAV XL3
Your competitor's card will not be harmed in any way, but will be recognized by Navionics going forward so that it cannot be used to activate another Navionics Updates card.

Check plotter compatibility before purchasing.
* The Navionics Updates card is not compatible with Platinum, Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum products. 

See also Freshest Data for Plotter Bundle Cards or Platinum: Subscription Update Process