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Jerry Ruffolo  - Pro Walleye Angler Profile

Jerry Ruffolo: Pro Walleye Angler Profile

Hometown: Manitowoc, WI
Current World Walleye Rank: 0
Highest Rank: 69
Circuits Fished:
Favorite Technique:
Boat Sponsor: G3
Motor Sponsor: Yamaha Outboards
Other Sponsors:
Times Viewed: 12885
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Jerry Ruffolo: Walleye Tournament Images

Jerry Ruffolo - put 3 fish in the box on day one despite

Jerry Ruffolo finished in 16th, and qualified for

Jerry Ruffolo discusses the final day with Jim O'Rourke

2004 Eastern Division Qualifiers John Gillman, Gary

2004 Eastern Division Qualifiers John Gillman, Gary

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