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Walleye Fishing -> Walleye Tackle and Equipment -> Treble hooks breaking on Flicker Shads
Message Subject: Treble hooks breaking on Flicker Shads
Purple Skeeter
Posted 7/14/2016 9:56 AM (#115001)
Subject: Treble hooks breaking on Flicker Shads
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Posts: 889

Over the last 3 months, I have broken almost every treble hook on the 2016 #5 Flicker Shads.  I'm well over 25 baits sitting in my box with 2 hooks on each treble.  The Triple Grip hooks are very fragile and will not take any amount of stress while removing the hook with or without a plyers.

I Spoke with a product specialist at Berkley and was unable to obtain the exact model of the Triple Grip hook.  He told me the hooks are a #6 Mustad long shaft and are exclusive and can't be ordered. The only way to get a replacement is to send in the lure and they won't replace exclusive colors.  So if I want to send them back 25+ lures, I can't get the Fleet Farm Colors back.  Why won't Berkley address this issue.  I've had this problem to a lesser degree for years and usually just throw the lures in my repair box (which I never seem to take the time to repair).  Anyone have any luck replacing the exact model and size of hooks on a #5 or replacing them with something else that does not effect the lures.

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Posted 7/15/2016 6:51 AM (#115002 - in reply to #115001)
Subject: RE: Treble hooks breaking on Flicker Shads
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I have been changing them out on the water with #6 gamagatsu(sp) not that hard buy a 25 hook box from sportsmans in Appleton or TRS and your good to go small split ring pliers you should be able to change them out between bites.
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Posted 7/21/2017 5:28 AM (#116414 - in reply to #115001)
Subject: RE: Treble hooks breaking on Flicker Shads
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Flicker Shads have become one of my favorite walleye baits. The hooks for whatever reason are horrible on them. I usually change them out before I run them.
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Posted 8/20/2017 10:16 AM (#116431 - in reply to #115001)
Subject: RE: Treble hooks breaking on Flicker Shads
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What size hooks for the #7 Flicker ShadsROUTE?
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