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OutdoorsFIRST and Lax Reproductions have teamed up to offer a bragging board of a different kind. The Lax Reproductions / WalleyeFIRST Catch & Release (C+R) Contest encourages catch and release while offering the chance to win big, simply by posting your RELEASED trophy walleye of 28 inches or longer for all to see. All entrants are eligible for a drawing to win a FREE reproduction of their trophy by Lax Reproductions in Conover, WI. Lax Reproductions are the leaders in fish reproduction artistry and technology; their work speaks for itself.

Winners will be randomly drawn from the pool of entries from all fish entered during the 2006 season, per site. There will be one winner chosen from each division.

There are three divisions: walleye, salmon/trout, and walleye.

Click to the following page:, fill out the form, and upload your digital picture. It's that simple. The only requirement is that you must be a registered member of the walleyeFIRST Forum Community, and logged in. IF you are logged in your username will appear below:

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If you are not logged in, click to to login.

If you are not a registered member, register at Registration is quick, free and painless. After registration, log in and return to this page to proceed.

1. Entries must be made on the site matching the particular species of fish you with to enter (walleye on WalleyeFIRST, muskie on MuskieFIRST, salmon/trout on SalmonFIRST). Site restrictions for each species are as follows:

    Walleye: 28 inches minimum
    Muskie: 45 inches minimum
    Salmon/Trout: Open, no size restriction

2. All fish entered in the walleye and muskie divisions must be caught and successfully released.

3. A user may enter as many fish as desired during each contest year.

4. All entries must be accompanied by a digital image. The image must be representative of catch and release and be less than one megabyte in size.

5. To register a fish, you must have a valid forum registration on the site of entry. For example, to register a walleye, you must be 1) a registered member of and 2) logged in at the time of registration.

6. Registration is free and painless, and can be done here:

7. Tiger or hybrid muskies are eligible in the MuskieFIRST Division..

8. Any saugeye that meets the minimum length is eligible in the WalleyeFIRST Division. Fish must be caught in 2007. You may still upload a fish to our gallery from previous years, it just won't be eligible for the contest.

9. OutdoorsFIRST has the right to refuse any entry deemed to be questionable with regard to size of the fish, date of catch or its released vs harvested status. 

10. IF you have any problems uploading an image or with the submission form, you may email your information and image to [email protected] .