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Carl Grunwaldt  - Pro Walleye Angler Profile

Carl Grunwaldt: Pro Walleye Angler Profile

Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Current World Walleye Rank: 0
Highest Rank: 32
Circuits Fished:
Favorite Technique:
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Times Viewed: 11911
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Carl Grunwaldt: Walleye Tournament Images

Carl Grunwaldt

Green Bay angler Carl Grunwaldt

Carl Grunwaldt, Day 1:30 lbs. Day Three: 30 lbs. What

Carl Grunwaldt works his pattern N of Kelleys Island

Carl Grunwaldt on his way to over 30 lbs on Day Four

Charles Dahl holds up a big Lake Erie walleye while

Carl Grunwaldt holds up another big fish

"How sweet it is" - Bill Vogel and Carl Grunwaldt

Add another $1,000 from Garmin for Carl Grunwaldt

Carl Grunwaldt prepares for day one's cold and wind.

Carl Grunwaldt weighed 7.91 pounds on day 2, placing

Carl Grunwaldt on Day One

2004 PWT Championship Qualifiers Tommy Skarlis, Ron

Carl Grunwaldt holds part of his three day 53.653#

Ranger Pro Carl Grunwaldt weighs over 4# on day 4

Carl Grunwaldt accepts congratulations from FLW's

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