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Dan Plautz  - Pro Walleye Angler Profile

Dan Plautz: Pro Walleye Angler Profile

Hometown: Muskego, WI
Current World Walleye Rank: 0
Highest Rank: 9
Circuits Fished:
Favorite Technique:
Boat Sponsor: Ranger
Motor Sponsor: Mercury
Other Sponsors:
Times Viewed: 20352
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Dan Plautz: Walleye Tournament Images

Dan Plautz Jr with part of his Day One catch, Dan

Dan Plautz Sr talks about his day on the Big Lake

Tom Brunz (R Front) and Dan Plautz, wait to weigh

Dan Plautz drops his 17.75 lb bag onto the scales

Dan Plautz reads the good news, not in the cut, but

Dan Plautz is happy to make the cut, and he deservedly

Dan Plautz weighs in 3 fish for 9.06 lbs on Day 3,

Dan Plautz heads to the stage on Day 4

Dan Plautz shows a fish to the crowd on Day 4 of the

Dan Plautz, Muskego, WI weighs a sauger on Day 4 of

Dan Plautz on stage Day Two

Dan Plautz

Dan Plautz holds one high!

Dan Plautz describes his day on the Bay

Dan Plautz

Dan Plautz

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